About IDEA

Set up at the end of 2007, the Institute for the Development of Educational Assessment brings together teachers and experts in the field of education sciences. So far, its activity has focused on organizing its internal structure and defining some work priorities centered on setting up working groups who specialize in designing items and tests.
At present, as a professional association, IDEA has 200 members, teachers and researchers in the field of education sciences, which have rich experience in developing and supporting educational programs and, more specific, curriculum development and curriculum assessment.
The purpose of the association is to create a professional community able to get involved in designing and implementing functional mechanisms for increasing the quality of pre-university education.
IDEA aims to become a research center for improving educational methods in both the school and outside it. The main activities of the association are:
• developing programs for national and international intercultural youth exchange;
• supporting lifelong learning education through a variety of cultural and social programs;
• creating a virtual community where young people can share their knowledge and experiences;
• organizing national and international game-contests to test knowledge and skills in various domains
• organizing large sample assessment
• organizing training courses
• organizing conferences, seminars, symposia and round-table discussions
• editing books, magazines, school books etc.
• organizing camps, trips, expeditions in the country and abroad, for both children and adults
• encouraging people and institutions to enhance their ability to deal with the challenges of contemporary knowledge-based society
• collaborating with similar institutions in the country and abroad
• organizing fund raising for financing youth exchange, school camps, national and international contests
• building and maintaining collaboration with third parties on various research topics.